Countdown to

Burning Man 2019: Metamorphoses





Deep Roots

Honey Puddle formed in 2016 when fellow SteamPunk Saloon members, Nomad & Wag, set out to continue the SPS spirit of handcrafted beers, mead, and honey-kissed indulgences on the playa.


All Honey Puddle core members formed deep friendships inside prior theme camps throughout two decades of Burning Man events. This natural chemistry served as the ethic and harmony of many BRC camps throughout the years. Honey Puddle exists to preserve and promote this spirit, while seeking out new friends for adventures in the dust.

Warm Honey

Warm honey is the vibe. Every theme camp has its personality, fingerprint, and experience. Our first mission is to provide our Camp-members with a warm, comfortable, and friendly experience. Our second mission is to socially and visually project the Honey Puddle experience into the Burning Man festival. Like any camp, we want to amaze and thrill those who visit us, although the experience of our camp members comes first. If all Puddlers and puddle participants depart our event feeling content with their experience: it was a successful year.